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NEW RELEASE - For the "L" of It! Episode 6: "Conflict - To Avoid or Not to Avoid"

You may have noticed that we seem to be surrounded by conflict these days - in the news, at work, maybe even at home.

What do you feel when you hear the word “conflict?” That very word can prompt all kinds of emotions – certainly create anxiety in many individuals.

Leana, Kathy and I thought this would be a perfect topic for our latest episode of “For the “L” of It!” We talk about the bad, the ugly and yes – even the good that comes with those situations. We discuss skills in managing and responding to conflict: 1) how to bring conflict out in the open; 2) how to listen to what you are saying, and what you aren’t saying; and 3) how using a little kindness can help us have those difficult conversations rather than avoid them.

This topic is definitely one that requires us to use both grit & grace. Two of our favorite leadership attributes.

So, take a listen and don’t forget – these episodes are great conversation starters for your team meetings.

You know what we say – Do it for the “L” of it!!

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I love this topic because how we handle tough conversations can make or break us. Way too often we make decisions based on fear...what do I need to say to get approval of my boss rather than what should I say to honestly share my thoughts and make a true contribution that can move us toward a better decision. Kathy gave a few good examples of how to open the conversation....think we need more examples or even a 1-2-3 plan for how to clearly state your issue and move to resolution. Again...great job.

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