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For the "L" of It! Episode 13: "Emotions - Time to Open Up That Baggage and See What's Inside!"

Welcome back to “For the L of It”.

In this episode - we are going to talk about “emotions.” Let’s start by asking a few questions:

How do you feel about emotional honesty?

  1. Are you prepared to acknowledge and manage your emotions?

  2. Can others help you on this journey?

Well - before you answer - let's acknowledge we all have those crazy emotions. And when everything is going well, we embrace them. But when things are a bit upside down, we try and push them aside and wait for a better day to open that emotional turbine. What comes next? You guessed it, combustion overload. We overreact and quite often make it uncomfortable for all involved.

Leana is going to lead us through an emotional conversation, one full of honesty, vulnerability and some keeping it real moments for individuals on their leadership journey. We are even going to add a few helpful tips on how to deal with emotions in positive ways for both you and your teams.

At the conclusion of this episode, we hope you have answers for the above questions. And we hope you come away with some ways you can invite those emotions in to understand and deal with them in much healthier ways.

You know what we say – Do it for the “L” of it!!


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