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L3 Fusion Leadership

Based on the L3 Fusion Model, we offer toolkits that can assist leaders at all levels to address the following three essential facets toward true transformation: Living (the focus is on you), Leading (the focus is on you influencing the organization and helping others), and Learning (the focus is on how you can continue to grow).




A Little Diversion for our Nurses during Nurse's Week 2020

Happy Nurse's Week to all our nurses around the world, continuing to do the hard work we all depend on everyday! Thanks for all your contributions!


During this week of celebration, thought we would offer just a little diversion in the form of a crossword puzzle just for you! And, since we are hoping you have read our book, we threw in some terms you may recognize by now! Enjoy!

Link to Crossword Puzzle

Link to Hashtag Glossary

Link to Answer Key


A Little Diversion for the COVID Blues

Now that our family, friends and colleagues have purchased our book and read it (hopefully 😊) during our "stay-at-home" orders, we thought it would be a good time to take a few minues out of all-things COVID and have some fun!


See how many answers you can find from the book (clue, hashtags!), as well as how many remarkable women leaders you can identify! Relax with a cup of coffee (or a glass of wine) and try this online crossword puzzle to test your "Stupid Gone Viral" knowledge.  Enjoy!

Link to Crossword Puzzle

Link to Hashtag Glossary

Link to Answer Key

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