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"Leading High Performing Teams in Healthcare"


Complimentary Offer!

We are offering a special complimentary Team Assessment along with Workshop 1 of our Leading High-Performing Teams Series for first-time users.  

Special price per session -
contact us for more information.

What you get:  Team Assessment, 10 sessions with identified leaders, 10 copies of our book
"Stupid Gone Viral"

High-performing teams are a business imperative in
healthcare today as members come together in all types of teams (clinical, non-clinical, project, department, and leadership) to achieve the desired results. These teams often operate in dynamic, high-risk environments that create
unique challenges and call for new approaches to collaboration and teamwork. 

This series focuses on how people and organizations can organize for high performance in settings where the potential for error can be overwhelming and the demand for reliability is high. We begin with a foundation of basic team science and move to leading and teaming in complex systems and in times of crises. 

Upon completion of this series
the team will be able to:

  • Interact with each other in new ways that engage the members and enhance the teams effectiveness.

  • Shift their thinking to manage themselves, their relationships, how they lead and to welcome diverse perspectives.

  • Develop trust that will lead to greater information sharing, faster decision-making and better problem solving; and

  • Overcome obstacles by utilizing grit & grace. 

contents of TEAM-series

Workshop 1

Key Components of Effective Teams
Crossing Boundaries and Breaking Down Silos 

Workshop 2

Our Human Fallibilities
What's Really Getting in the Way of Our Reliability?

Workshop 3

Building Effective Learning Teams
Be Not Afraid

Workshop 4

Team Science
Why Can't We Just All Get Along?

Workshop 5

Building Clinical Team Reliability
A Journey into Complexity

Workshop 6

Accountability Through Team Charters
Removing the Mystery

Workshop 7

Assessing Team Performance
Demonstrating Value and Building Credibility

Workshop 8

Managing Team Performance
Looking Beneath the Surface

Workshop 9

Extreme Teams and Leading Teams During Crisis
Responding to Changing Conditions

Workshop 10

Overcoming Obstacles with Grit & Grace
Be the Upgrade

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