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For the "L" of It! Episode 11: "Our Uniqueness & Strengths - Bring Them with You on Every Journey

Welcome back to “For the L of It”.

We hope these episodes have been igniting your curiosity, helping you gain confidence in your abilities, and maybe even moving you towards balancing your work with a little humor and grace. And sometimes that well needed brain break could also provide you with a renewed energy to take you through the rest of your day.

Speaking of brain breaks. In this episode, Leana, Kathy and I are discussing how we all have gifts, strengths and talents that make us unique. Yet too often we try to be like everyone or someone else, or we even spend too much time focusing on our deficits.

So how about a change? When we are able to recognize our strong moments - those things that give us joy, invigorate us, have us look forward to or pass the time so quickly - we find our truth about ourselves. It's time to give up those images of what your life should look like and build on your strengths.

Leana is going to help us maneuver this conversation of celebrating our uniqueness and strengths, all while infusing it with just a little bit of fun.

And - you know what we say – Do it for the “L” of it!!

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