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Intentionally Living,
Leading and Learning

Yesenia Contreras, MHA, CPC-I, Chief Compliance Officer, University of Maryland Faculty Physicians, Inc. - I engaged Dr. Kathy Scott and Bridget Sarikas of L3 Fusion LLC to deliver a 7-workshop series for my compliance team. The program was specifically designed to strengthen the team’s leadership skills and capabilities in order for them to move toward the goal of becoming a high-performing team. Kathy and Bridget’s expertise in developing leaders and organizations proved valuable to the team as they expanded their knowledge, built self-confidence, strengthened their relationships through collaboration, and grew their credibility with external stakeholders. If you are looking for a program to take your team to that next level of engagement – then look no further. Kathy and Bridget will take you and your team on a journey that is thoughtful, purpose-centric and of course – filled with a few laugh-out-loud moments!    

Workshops are focused on the process of solving problems and/or finding opportunities that revitalize personal leadership within a rapidly changing and highly uncertain environment.  Participants learn how to move past survive-mode and into thrive-mode, using an evidence-based framework as the guide and leave the workshop with a “starter plan” in place.

We provide two types of workshops:

  • Team-based workshops, with all participants focused on a specific problem or opportunity together with the goal of moving the organization forward; and

  • Individual-based workshops, where the participants focus on their own personal goals and plan development within a learning setting of support and encouragement.

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