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April 2021: Kathy and Bridget join Dr. Nurse Dan (Dr. Dan Weberg) for an important discussion around prioritizing one's own physical, mental and spiritual well-being before attempting to lead, why top-down leadership needs to end, and strategies for developing trust and communication within your organization. They also talk about their concepts of "grit and grace" in leadership, as well as their preference for "kindness before rightness" in communication. 

Click here to access the full interview: https://bit.ly/3hlx0Am

April 2021: Kathy and Bridget join Sumair Abro to discuss their book and to highlight a new approach to leadership. One that uses the science of systems thinking and psychology, that is relational and fun. This approach also enables individuals to develop their path to success and overcome the unhealthy status quo and move with intention to achieve their goals. It's about moving from surviving the stupid to ensuring their capacity as a leader is never underestimated! 


Click here to access the full interview:

Episode 23: Leading & Living Well, Organizational Culture & Performance Expectations - YouTube


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