Resilience-Building Forum for Women in Leadership


“It’s too easy to let our health (physical, mental, emotional, spiritual) go as we focus on meeting everyone else’s needs, but this is counter to healthy living and leading.”  It’s important to put on our own oxygen mask first because without oxygen, we cannot think clearly or be our best selves. 

-- from "Stupid Gone Viral – When Science and Reality Collide"

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The Opportunity – We believe in the power of women helping women personally and professionally through relationship.  This help can come in many forms, to include -- emotional support, listening, learning together, finding solutions to challenges, exploring new opportunities together and ongoing encouragement to focus on what is important and purposeful.

Often a woman’s circle of support becomes very small due to the many pressing issues she feels she needs to tend to on a daily basis with work, family, health, social obligations, etc., leaving little time for anything else.  And in times of major disruption, such as a global pandemic, when the foundation is shaking beneath us, this support is needed more than ever.

Our Invitation – We will create a resilience-building forum for women in leadership to come together to learn from each other, dialogue openly about opportunities and challenges, learn from experts in areas of need and interest, and work together to build resilience – personal, family, organizational and community.

We are inviting women who are in the thick of it, and women who have been there.  We are inviting women with a broad influence and women who are innovators, movers and shakers.  And we are inviting people who want to help support recovery and create a better future.

Please view our video for a special invitation!

INSTRUCTIONS for Access to "Ask Ur Peer":

In order to create a forum that provides our network with the expertise that may be needed, we have partnered with "AskUrPeer."  We have a Women in Leadership forum available there, which leverages the expertise of luminaries across the country (including us), as well as the knowledge and expertise within the group to promote healthier living and leading.  Please follow these easy steps to sign up with "AskUrPeer."  

  1. Go to THIS LINK

  2. Sign up easily on AskUrPeer by just clicking on the Sign Up -- Sign up using LinkedIn button/icon. (This prevents you from having to remember yet another password ongoing as you can just sign in using LinkedIn that way.)

  3. There will be "Discussions" available for you to participate in.

  4. Private messaging is also available with one of the following options:

How to Send Your Friend a Private Messag


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