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Video Chat Series:
For the "L" of It!

The Opportunity – We believe in the power of women helping women personally and professionally through relationship.  This help can come in many forms, to include -- emotional support, listening, learning together, finding solutions to challenges, exploring new opportunities together and ongoing encouragement to focus on what is important and purposeful.

Often a woman’s circle of support becomes very small due to the many pressing issues she feels she needs to tend to on a daily basis with work, family, health, social obligations, etc., leaving little time for anything else.  

So let us be that support for you. In this series Kathy and I are partnering with our very good friend Leana McGuire as we talk – even laugh together about a wide variety of topics to help women embrace their inner warrior and begin making those positive changes needed in our personal and professional lives happen! It's all about a journey towards healthy living, leading and learning - thus "for the "L" of it." We are going to keep these short but guarantee we will always keep it real. 


We want to hear from you so give us your feedback (, let us know what really resonated with you. And - enjoy taking a break from your busy days to enjoy a quick listen that helps you recover and create a better future. 

November 17, 2022: In this episode the Leana, Kathy and I will chat about what we call the “Gee Ain’t it Awfuls! There is so much of this surrounding us these days and we need to break that cycle and begin doing things that can lead to “Gee Ain’t It Getting Better” or best case scenario – “Gee Ain’t It Wonderful!”


In order to get there - we need to reframe the conversations we are having. Think about things differently. For instance - don't ask "why?" - ask "what?" Now that will definitely change the conversation – and generally for the better.


So take a listen and don’t forget – these episodes are great conversation starters for your team meetings. They help us move our teams forward to a healthier place. Always keep it light – but more importantly - keep it real.


November 2, 2022: It seems rather obvious that we all need positive feedback – but why is it so difficult to give and/or receive? We will give you some helpful tips that you can immediately put into practice. Practice being the key word here. We even have a great acronym thrown in for good measure! So, listen closely. 


Lastly, if you have read our book you know we end our chapters with a funny quote or something that lightens our days. So…we decided to add one of those to each of our episodes as we close. Sometimes they are pure fun, sometimes ridiculous – but always meant to spark a little joy.


Don’t forget – these episodes are great conversation starters for your team meetings. They help us move our teams forward to a healthier place. Frankly – we could all use a little bit of that these days. Keep it light – but keep it real.




October 20, 2022: A common theme the 3 of us hear when we are speaking with women is a since of detachment from their co-workers since having to operate varied work-life models and for so long – maybe it’s hybrid, maybe remote – for some it is still in-person. Many have never met beyond the video screen; some are finding it difficult to communicate and build those relationships that matter when they are in the office, but their colleagues are not – you know - that every other day model.

Leana kicks-off this conversation where we explore some communication and structural tips that will help you make those important connections!

Don't forget - these are great conversation starters for your team to help create that energy, collaboration and discussion that helps them lead in much healthier ways. It's better than that first cup of coffee - well almost!




October 6, 2022: Leana, Kathy and I jokingly say in this episode that we are having a conversation about conversations. And that is true. But...we are also encouraging women to step out, step up and speak up! Don’t waste the opportunity to have meaningful conversations that can move you forward in your personal and professional lives!


Take that brain break and listen for some inspiration. Please leave us comments on the episode. Let us know what resonated with you. And of course – let us know what you would like to hear more about in future episodes.

What are you waiting for? Do it for the "L" of it!


Reach out to us for more information on OUR WORKshops AND SPEAKING OPPortunities.
Do it for the "l" of It!

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