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"stupid gone viral" 

leadership reset Mini-series

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Complimentary Offer!

We are offering a special complimentary Leadership Assessment along with Session 1 of our Leadership Team Development Mini-Series for first-time users.  

Special price per session -
contact us for more information.

What you get:  Leadership Assessment, 12 sessions with identified leaders, 10 copies of our book "Stupid Gone Viral"

A major disruption is the time to introduce changes to organizations that would not have been possible before, when the institutional resistance and traditional attitudes prevented needed change from becoming reality.  Innovating to a better future builds on learnings from the past and new ways of leadership based in the science of complex adaptive systems.


This leadership series is designed for teams to strengthen their leadership capabilities during challenging times.  It is intentionally delivered in bite-size, time-efficient segments – twelve 30-minute sessions – to accommodate busy schedules and short attention spans.  It provides key principles, related strategies and skill-development activities that are evidence-based and focused on purposeful action.  The science is delivered with real-life stories and humor.

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contents of mini-series

Session 1

Capitalizing on the Crisis – Innovating to a sustainable future

Session 2

​Leading in Dynamic Times – Evidence-based complexity management

Session 3

Purposeful Leading – Living and leading with intention

Session 4

Strong Relationships – Critical relationship-building skills and techniques

Session 5

Leadership Accountability – Creating the conditions for others to be successful

Session 6

Shared vision – Connecting the work to the destination

Session 7

Overcoming Culture – Unpacking underlying assumptions and expectations

Session 8

Effective Teamwork – Getting results through action-oriented teams

Session 9

Energizing Structures – Distributing leadership and promoting rapid adaptation

Session 10

Performance Measurement – Moving workforce to the future state with information

Session 11

Continuous Learning – Creating and enabling an intelligent workforce

Session 12

Leadership Reset – Putting it all together for a sustainable future

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