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NEW RELEASE - For the "L" of It! Episode 9: "Grit & Grace - A New Kind of Currency"

Welcome back to “For the L of It”.

Our last conversation was centered around collaboration so we thought the best follow-on to that would be a focus on two key attributes (or as we like to say – two sides of the leadership coin) – grit & grace. Both so fundamental to our journey as women and also important as leaders for our investment in others.

In this episode Leana, Kathy and I will define grit & grace for you, we’ll provide a few examples, and we’ll even discuss some ways you can get your own grit & grace on as you keep it real at home and at work.

We’ll also add just a little bit of perspective around emotional intelligence as you can’t lead with grit & grace and not be self-aware. And just a reminder – thinking about ourselves is not the same as knowing ourselves. Leana will lead us on this journey of knowing and honoring ourselves on this path to thriving.

We hope that after tuning in - you walk away knowing a little more about yourself and how grit & grace can be the perfect addition to your investment portfolio!

Enjoy your listening journey!

You know what we say – Do it for the “L” of it!!


I wish that I had the 3 of you as mentors around me when I started my management/ leadership journey. I had a great mentor in management issues, (setting goals and holding people to them etc.) but not in how to be the authentic me and encouraging the same in others. This is SO critical to creating an environment that is not based on fear and relief but rather one that supports risk-taking with a longer view to what is possible. Where trying something and finding it is not the best solution is considered a learning....not a failure. Creating and environment where it is safe to be authentic. We need this at the beginning of our journey...not at …

Jan 26, 2023
Replying to

Thank you Janne. It is amazing what a team can and will do when they feel valued and are given the latitude to learn, and grow, and have fun along the way while working toward the goals!!!

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