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hashtag glossary

Hashtag Glossary

1.  #StupidGoneViral -- Stupid is continuing to think, act, and behave in ways that haven't gotten us the results we need, personally and/or professionally.  We keep doing these things thinking that if we do them harder or softer or faster the results will be different.  Recognize the pattern and stop.  The world has changed dramatically.  This means we need to change our paradigm of living, leading and learning to something that actually works.

2.  #It'sAllAboutMe -- Leadership starts and ends with you.  It's easy to blame others when things don't go as planned and it's tempting to try to micromanage those around us to get the results we want.  But the reality is that the only behavior you can truly change is your own.  When you change, others will as well.  Leadership, therefore, is first about how you manage your thoughts, emotions and actions in your personal life and your professional life.

3.  #LivePurposefully -- Purposeful living is intentional, not reactive.  It means choosing to do things daily based on our inner sense of rightness, wholeness and truth.  This truth is the fusion of values, beliefs, passions and strengths in our core.  This truth brings us energy.  When we live purposefully, our lives are lss chaotic and more meaningful.

4.  #BuildYourROR -- No one should go it alone.  We all need encouraging, supportive and enriching relationships in our lives.  But they don't happen on their own.  We create our relationships through our interactions over time.  When we interact in thoughtful, healthy ways, we create a strong return on our relationship (ROR) that brings sustenance and resilience.

5.  #LeadersPrepareTheWay -- Leaders create the conditions for others to do their work -- the work of effective decision-making, problem-solving and action.  They prepare the way through multiple small actions throughout the day, such as setting the tone, connecting the work to the vision, promoting dialogue and exchange of ideas and providing the necessary information, tools and resources.  Small actions can make a big difference.

6.  #OhThePlacesWeCanGo -- When people understand where they're going, they can help the organization get there, even without a detailed map.  Leaders help their teams understand how their work connects to the greater purpose, or destination, giving meaning to their work.  This creates a movement that's organic and steady, rather than forced and difficult.

7.  #ElevateYourCulture -- Cultures can be defined and understood.  And cultures can be anywhere from deadly to magical, so they shouldn't be ignored.  Leaders have the power to perpetuate or change the culture in their area of influence.  To change a culture you must understand the underlying beliefs and expectations that drive the current behaviors and address them one by one.

8.  #SuitUpForTheTeam -- In organizational life we spend much of our time on teams, and so often, this is time wasted.  But teamwork is critical in today's organizations.  Whether we're the team leader or a member, we need to be prepared and suit up for this work, not sit on the sidelines.

9.  #ChannelTheEnergy -- In today's dynamic organizations, we need more than formal, top-down management reporting relationships.  When greater specialization and expertise are required, structures will leverage the energy -- information, knowledge and experience -- of all the members.  Through horizontal structures, leadership is distributed to all levels of the organization, up, down and across, to the people or teams with the right insight and expertise.

10.  #BeCarefulWhatYouMeasure -- Measurement drives performance.  Performance measurements, when designed well, are a critical management tool to keep us on track.  They help communicate the strategic objectives, provide direction and inform our activities and decisions.  When designed poorly, they can distort the truth and take us down the wrong path, getting us into trouble.

11.  #OwnYourOwnLearning -- Fundamental to our personal and professional success is a commitment to lifelong learning.  This commitment requires investing in healthy learning practices that enhance our awareness of the dissonance between our current thinking and new information around us.

12.  #TheL3FusionReset -- This is a personal-development process for leaders who want to move from their current state to that of transformational leader.  The goal of this process is to strengthen ourselves personally and professionally through new learning and actions that move us toward a desired future.  the process challenges and stimulates critical thinking and drives positive and intentional change.  It requires that we be willing to step out of our comfort zone, try new approaches and be open to feedback.  Individuals are supported through connections with others, including their L3 Fusion team.

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