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NEW RELEASE - For the "L" of It! Episode 8: "Collaboration - Listen More, Talk Less"

Welcome back to “For the L of It”.

Did you wake up today feeling a bit overwhelmed? Thinking, I can’t continue doing everything by myself or you’re feeling isolated or disconnected with remote work.

Or maybe you’re feeling completely micromanaged and not finding the joy in what you are doing these days.

Leana, Kathy and I have been there and can relate. So, no time better than now to discuss collaboration.

As women we often have this urge to do everything on our own. But quite frankly we can’t or shouldn’t do it on our own. It’s time to be open to collaboration and how that can actually bring out the best in all of us.

Collaboration is a journey of new perspectives, vulnerability and curiosity. And how do we get there – by listening.

Enjoy your listening journey!

You know what we say – Do it for the “L” of it!!

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