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NEW RELEASE - For the "L" of It! Episode 3: Communicating and Connecting in This Hybrid World

Welcome Back for our third episode of “For the L of It.” So glad you are joining us for another listen.

A common theme the 3 of us hear when we are speaking with women is a sense of detachment from their co-workers since having to operate varied work-life models and for so long – maybe it’s hybrid, maybe remote – for some it is still in-person. Many have never met beyond the video screen; some are finding it difficult to communicate and build those relationships that matter when they are in the office, but their colleagues are not – you know - that every other day model. Many are missing the energy created with their team or colleagues when collaborating, solving problems, even having a general meet-up for lunch.

Please take a listen and leave us comments on the episode. Let us know what resonated with you. And of course – let us know what you would like to hear more about in future episodes.

What are you waiting for? Do it for the "L" of it!

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