V. Bridget Sarikas

Partner and Co-Founder


V. Bridget Sarikas is Vice President of Right Advisory LLC, a firm based in Washington, DC that she co-founded in 2008. Right Advisory provides financial improvement services to organizations struggling with the challenges of a changing business environment - particularly US healthcare, US higher education and global multinational organizations. Bridget’s contribution to these organizations is that “she stops the stupid”. She gets stuff done by using her multifaceted experiences in music, psychology, administration, financial analysis and investor relations. She is an expert in process improvement using all the modern tools such as six sigma, lean and just-do-it. She is a graduate of Indiana University and has honed her skills over 30+ years in management roles with businesses diverse as global professional services, global chemical manufacturing and US health and education systems. She conducts her work and achieves success through a proper balance of grit and grace - empowering and training others to achieve their potential. And she does this with an unassuming sense of humor that allows for a relaxed work setting focused on meeting goals and expectations.


1701 Pennsylvania Ave., NW

Suite 200

Washington, DC 20006

​​Tel: 202-461-2201



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