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Message from Bridget Sarikas:

Greetings to family, friends, and colleagues from social distancing headquarters in Maryland! Hard to believe that it is September and we are still working remotely. Hope you have found ways to keep you healthy, engaged and ready for a COVID-recovery!  


Because of the continued need for social distancing and the many challenges with returning to a safe gathering space, our book launch of “Stupid Gone Viral – When Science and Reality Collide” re-scheduled for October 13, 2020 will be postponed – again! So….we will move this from a launch to a celebration in the mid-to-late spring of 2021.  


Part of leadership is finding that silver lining or opportunity when things go awry. So… given the isolation we have been busy building and distributing content, designing and delivering on-line programs (Leadership Reset Mini-Series) that help leaders tackle the tough topics, participating in “Stupid Gone Viral Book Clubs” – so fun!


You can find all this information on our website ( as well as videos posted to our L3 Fusion LLC YouTube channel and a new “Women in Leadership” Channel on This Channel was designed to bring women together from around the globe to discuss best practices regarding issues impacting healthy living, leading and learning. It provides women a collaborative opportunity in real-time and to gain expert advice and support related to issues they may be struggling to deal with during these times of chaos and complexity. And who doesn’t need a little something to lighten the load these days!  Whew – a lot going on…

But mostly we hope you were able to read our book and will be ready to celebrate the journey you took with us. We will announce the new date on our website so stay tuned for further details.

We look forward to raising a glass with you to celebrate our freedom from home isolation and zoom overload, our good health and our ability to maintain a sense of humor throughout the challenging days, weeks and months!

I do have one ask: please continue to spread the word about “Stupid Gone Viral” by posting a picture of yourself with the book on LinkedIn, Facebook, and Instagram. We have a goal of having 100 reviews posted on Amazon so would greatly appreciate your continued support by posting a review.  

We look forward to seeing you and hope for good days ahead!

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