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"stupid gone viral" 

leadership reset Mini-series

A major disruption is the time to introduce changes to organizations that would not have been possible before, when the institutional resistance and traditional attitudes prevented needed change from becoming reality.  Innovating to a better future builds on learnings from the past and new ways of leadership based in the science of complex adaptive systems.


This leadership series is designed for teams to strengthen their leadership capabilities during challenging times.  It is intentionally delivered in bite-size, time-efficient segments – twelve 30-minute sessions – to accommodate busy schedules and short attention spans.  It provides key principles, related strategies and skill-development activities that are evidence-based and focused on purposeful action.  The science is delivered with real-life stories and humor.

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Complimentary Offer!

We are offering a special complimentary Leadership Assessment along with Session 1 of our Leadership Mini-Series for first-time users.  

Special discount price of $1000 for the entire series (normally $1200).

What you get:  Leadership Assessment, 12 sessions with identified leaders, 10 copies of our book "Stupid Gone Viral"

contents of mini-series

Session 1

Section 1.png

Meet with the team owner (executive sponsor) and provide an overview of the series, obtain their view of the team’s current needs and desired future state.


Send out a survey to the team members to complete on-line prior to the first group session.  Ask them the following four questions:

a.  How have your organizational opportunities changed and why?

b.  If your organization is to survive, what needs to quickly change and why?

c.  In order for you to thrive (dominate your market or industry), what change needs to occur in the short term?  In the longer term?

d.  What competencies and capabilities do you require to achieve (b) and (c) above?

Change From

  • Identified current state

  • We expose the stupid!

Change To

  • Defined future state

  • We are thriving!

Session 2

Section 2.png

Leaders embrace the need to change the way they lead in dynamic times.

Change From

  • Operating as if the system is stable. 

  • Believing you are the expert.

  • Top-down, compliance-driven leadership. 

  • Cause-and-effect thinking.

Change To

  • Operating as if the system and the environment are dynamic, disrupted and chaotic 

  • Utilize systems thinking

  • Move from “expert” to conductor of the talent

  • Summon (find) your courage!

Session 3

Section 3.png

It starts and ends with me.


Change From

  • A focus on tasks, roles, traditions and activities

Change To

  • Choosing with intention how to live and lead moment by moment

  • Stop struggling – start living with purpose!

Session 4

Section 4.png

Today’s leadership requires strong relationships.


Change From

  • Protecting your own self-interests, blame and control

Change To

  • Collaboration, common courtesy and win-win scenarios

  • Let the enrichment begin

Session 5

Section 5.png

Leaders create the conditions for others to be successful.


Change From

  • A focus on the internal politics, personal agendas and self-preservation

Change To

  • A focus on organizational vision and goals, setting clear direction, pacing, driving responsibility downward, and promoting learning

  • Make things happen!

  • Time to learn a new way!

Session 6

Section 6.png

People deeply desire to be a part of something bigger than themselves, something important.


Change From

  • A focus on the “what” and “how”

Change To

  • A focus on the “why”

  • Connect the head to the heart!

Session 7

Section 7.png

You influence the culture through your daily actions and displays of emotion.


Change From

  • Victim mentality – I can’t really describe it and it’s not my fault

Change To

  • Unearth the assumptions, beliefs, and values that drive unhealthy behaviors and displays of emotion – and replace them

  • This is where we make amazing happen!

Session 8

Section 8.png

Effective teamwork is action-oriented.


Change From

  • Undefined team purpose, homogenous team thinking, and talk without action

Change To

  • Teams have a defined purpose, diversity of thinking, and a commitment to mutual accountability and success

  • Keep it fun – keep it real!

  • This is where you create the magic!

Session 9

Section 9.png

Well-designed structures promote positive energy.


Change From

  • Bureaucracy and top-down decision-making structures (with tight controls and rank) dominate

Change To

  • Decision-making structures that promote adaptability, rapid problem-solving, and innovation regardless of rank or role

  • Be Bold – Be Brave!

Session 10

Section 10.png

Be careful what you measure.


Change From

  • Measures to make you look good and incentives that promote bad behaviors

Change To

  • Measure what’s important to move the organization to its future state

  • Simplify – Clarify!

Session 11

Section 11.png

Innovation requires continuous learning, unlearning and relearning.


Change From

  • A relentless focus on efficiency and the achievement of short-term tasks

Change To

  • Providing rapid feedback and investing in the development of an intelligent workforce

  • Be fierce and swift!

Session 12

Section 12.png

A leadership RESET changes your assumptions and beliefs, and therefore how you think and act.


Change From

  • Thinking you have to be perfect, repeating the past, and ignoring the ugly

Change To

  • Learning new ways that are messy, uncomfortable, more humane, and based in science

  • Embrace the suck!

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